School Chess Programs Policy & Frequently Asked Questions

When is tuition payment due?

Tuition payments are due before classes begin.  However, we do make exceptions under special circumstances.  For example, those who qualify for financial assistance who would like to request a payment plan option, etc.  Please contact us if you feel you have a special circumstance and would like assistance.  We will be more than happy to work with you to best accommodate your needs. 

Can my son/daughter take a trial class before deciding to join the class?

Unfortunately, we do not offer trial classes for our school chess programs. The chess classes are very popular and there is often a waiting list.  Families on the waiting list will end up missing the first class if those taking a trial class decide to not join. This is unfair to those on the waiting list. To be as fair as possible to all families and all schools we service, we have a strict no trial classes policy.

Can my child just take one or two classes and pay a drop-in fee per class?

Sorry, we do no offer drop-in fee / pay-per-class option.

Can my child bring a friend or a few friends to chess class?

We only allow students who are enrolled in the class to attend the class.  In the past, a myriad of different issues have come up when we occasionally allowed students bring friends to sit in during chess class — from friends being a disruption, to everyone wanting to bring a friend each class day, to other parents complaining.  We don’t even offer a drop-in fee option (please see above).

Do you prorate tuition?

We do not prorate tuition.  However, for those who join the school chess program after it has begun, we offer free classes that you can take in lieu of the classes missed.  (Please see Free Classes below.)  Typically, we close off registration before the beginning of the 3rd class of the course.  We do not accept new students too late in the program because they will be missing too much instructional content.  (Please see Chess Class vs. Chess Club below.)

Do you have different pricing for siblings?

We do not have a different pricing structure for siblings. We keep it a simple per student rate.

What is the difference between your chess classes vs. a chess club?

Our chess classes are much different than the standard “chess club”.  In many chess clubs, members simply get together and play chess.  Our chess classes have a great deal of instructional content.   Every class, we teach different chess concepts, ideas, techniques, and strategies.  Students have plenty of opportunity to practice using this knowledge during their practice time.  Often the concepts build on one another, which is why we typically do not allow students to join the chess program too late in the course (no later than missing the first 2 classes).

Are there Make-up Classes?

Unfortunately, we do not offer make up classes for students on an individual basis in the school chess programs.  We have hundreds of students in many schools each semester and many students miss many classes through the school year for various reasons, such as vacations, doctors and dentist appointments, etc.  Unfortunately, we cannot do make up classes for each absence for each student.  We do offer make-up class(es) for the entire class under special circumstances (e.g. unexpected school cancellation for a particular day, error in scheduling, etc.).

Classes for Students who Join the Program Late

Strictly speaking, we do not offer make up classes for our school programs, barring special circumstances (please see above).  However, if you are joining the school chess program after it has begun, you are welcome to take chess classes at The Scholastic Chess Academy in lieu of the number of classes you have missed in the school program.  For example, if a student joins the class late and has missed 2 classes, he/she is welcome to take 2 free classes at The Scholastic Chess Academy.  If you cannot make it on a particular date/time or prefer not to take classes at SCA, that is okay.  The free classes can be taken at your convenience for up to one year from the date you join the school chess program.  We just ask that you let us know ( a day in advance of joining a particular group class at SCA.

SCA – Pasadena (Click Here for Location & Parking Information)
Beginning Class: Sundays 10:30am-11:25am
Intermediate Class: Sundays 11:30am-12:25pm